About us

Observing that it is unfeasible for many industry players to implement complex, high-cost solutions, and that nevertheless they need to be updated to remain competitive, we developed a system that significantly improves value chains of all kinds. The EMIC system was born from the need of small and medium-sized manufacturers, as well as system integrators in the industry, to be able to have a tool that allows the automation of production processes quickly and at a reasonable cost.


Who choose us

Our platform provides ease in the design of final products to:


  • SMEs
  • Hardware integrators
  • Engineering companies
  • Independent manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of products for industry
  • Development ventures

What we offer


The work required for the design and assembly of the electronics is already solved in each module

Easy application

Hardware is easily connected and programmed to carry out a certain task

Suitable for all

No prior knowledge is required to use the EMIC system

Our goal

To offer companies that manufacture equipment and machinery, companies that provide services for the automation of machines and industrial processes, and institutions dedicated to technical and computer education, the possibility of accessing a rapid, efficient and effective development system.